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Jeff Baker for State Representative 2014

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After some time to lick my wounds and heal from the last election I had to make some choices about what to do, where to go from here on out. I put the trust in my closest friends who know me best. They told me “Jeff, you did not lose that election, Romney lost it and if you ran as a Democrat, you would’ve beaten her”. I have a great deal of love and respect for my Republican friends; they are good people. Now it’s time to look hard at whether or not it’s time for a conservative Dem in the 95th district? We’ve got some time, but just know this, I am running again, 6,000+ people want me as their Representative. The district desreves a fulltime Representative.


P.O. BOX 1712, Saginaw, MI 48605
1-855-853-7246 (toll free)

Paid for with approved funds from Jeff 4 Michigan Election committee